Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Snow won't slow us down!

Hey! Bode here. I’m co-captain of The Fast and the Furballs. Mister said you’d be hearing from me. He’s the other co-captain. He looks EXACTLY like me (which kind of creeps me out) and even wears a red collar like me, so we’ll do our best to not confuse you.

Sorry it’s taken a while for me to write, but I’ve been busy ya’know? Sure it might be winter and most humans like to just sit around inside during this season, but not mine! The 5K-9 might be months away, but the training has already begun for us!

Check me running in the snow with my mom.

And here I am running with a buddy I found at the dog park.

I take every possible opportunity to build my endurance, even if my mom and dad aren’t completely up for it all the time. I’m really looking forward to spring and our team’s first training run on April 5. Woo hoo! Hope to see your tails there!

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